Traditional travel reservations systems all are based on the assumption of a static and fairly fixed travel itinerary. The origin and the destination for the trim are known in detail as well as the time restrictions. Although it is usually possible to move the exact travel dates forwards or backwards one or even a few days the systems are still built on the assumption of a traveler with a known, well-defined schedule and destination.
But what happens when this assumption is wrong? An increasing amount of travelers have a flexible schedule, allowing for more variation. In the case of the leisure traveler going for a shorter or longer vacation the exact destination may not even matter so much, as long as it is in the right area. Some variation may even be desirable as it makes the trip more interesting.

Price and ease of travel as the deciding factor for travel reservation

An increasing number of travel agencies are offering price search for airline travel. Their travel reservation systems work through meta search. They search other agencies’ websites as well as those of travel operators, aiming to find the best price. Admittedly this is dynamic search in a sense, it’s still based on the idea of a fixed schedule and destination. The price-based travel agencies online will let the traveler choose the cheapest route, while also letting the user browse the various offers and compare other factors such as the estimated travel time and the number of stops along the way.

The truly flexible Travel Reservation System

Let’s say I know my current position and my travelling budget and the approximate duration for the trip, but I have no other preferences except, perhaps, about the weather.
This is where the true Dynamic Travel Reservation System comes in. They let you, the traveler, specify an arbitrary set of parameter for the trip, and will then find suggestions based on that.
These, full-flex travel reservation systems are still in their infancy but will take an increasing hold of the market as they offer a completely new way of making travel reservations, for the passenger who has already seen the world and now wants to discover it.