The history of travel reservation systems started back in the 1950s when earlier flight companies needed a system that could enable timely use of air travel information in its locations, and implementing and carrying out its reservation and ticketing operations.

During the 1960s and 1970s, travel companies used to manage limited places on selected routes that they could sell, or they had to communicate with every airline’s booking company to verify price range and make reservations.

Next, in the 1980s emerged Global Distribution Systems or GDS, which in turn made possible service instantly, providing agencies easy access to various flight companies and solutions, with services steadily evolved into a first come, first-serve system to obtain airline places.

By the middle to later part of the 1990s, some airline companies had launched, prior to the Internet, customer reservation software for plane tickets, accommodations, and vehicle rentals.

Travel reservation systems eventually advanced, moving from individual solution offerings, to be platforms featuring many travel solutions such as routes, accommodations, package holidays, train travels, cruise trips. Customers could make bookings for travel arrangements, however, travel agencies did the ticketing.

These days, hotel accommodations, airways, eating places, and travel firms work with IT or Information Technology systems which are designed to make bookings, verify place availability, food or refreshment orders and manage restaurants, along with other travel agencies worldwide.

The flight companies are creating better and direct connections that could, at the right time, enable online travel agencies and traditional tour operators alike to work with systems that can take care of reservations directly with the flight companies.

Previously, all that agencies could do to make bookings was to invest a lot of their efforts on the phone contacting airlines, dining establishments, hotels, and holiday destinations for information about the prices and booking confirmation.

The number of solutions offered by travel reservation systems is related to exceptional technological innovation, influenced by a robust incorporation of flight reservation system.